We work hard and win big at FSA. For more than the past 50 years our Marketing/PR department has won award after award for innovative and quality work. We bring a unique eye to the goals of our clients, providing results unparalleled by mere mortals. With just the right amount of blood, sweat, and Bourbon, we bring your visions to life. From social media to social interactions with movers and shakers, we help you obtain your goals.
Tired of reading big long paragraphs? Here’s a fancy list to sum up more of what we offer.
Provide strategic brand adjustments
Create a unique, compelling and memorable identity
Develop guiding documents for all stakeholders
Develop marketing action plans
Direct response campaigns
Email campaigns
Media relations
Video production/editing
Online outreach
Magazine development/publishing
Simply put, we are that impossible connection between where you are and where you want to go.
Contact Michelle Romero, Director of Marketing, at 502-574-9036.

Creativity Plus Strategy Equals FSA
To say we know what we’re doing when it comes to designing, producing, and fulfilling client collateral is an understatement. With more than 50 years of late nights and early mornings, it’s safe to say that FSA stands above the rest. We have managed more than 600 web and design projects on behalf of our clients, winning several national and international graphic design awards. Our marketing department has been honored for outstanding work by the MarCom Awards, APEX Awards and Association Trends All Media Contest, among others. We work hard and win big!
Our marketing department team members were hand-selected for their abilities and experience. They bring a level of creativity and graphic sophistication to client collateral that is matched by an understanding of the unique challenges of branding and marketing. We’d like to think our work speaks for itself but, sadly, inanimate objects don’t have vocal cords. So, here’s a list of words that will help convey our marketing goals:
Provide strategic brand adjustments/enhancements based on an informed assessment of competition and general challenges.
Create a unique, compelling, memorable identity.
Develop guiding documents for all stakeholders—identity manuals, style sheets, content integration plans, etc.
Develop measurable marketing action plans segmented to focus on growing the client’s market, promoting key programs, and diversifying member categories and benefits for the association clients.
Public Relations
We understand that public relations is about more than just press releases. Our team offers strategic insight into integrating and balancing traditional public relations efforts with social networking, blogging, public advocacy platforms, and strategic industry partnerships. When you decide to post a half-cocked, potentially damaging message to Facebook at three in the morning, we’re here to stop you from doing anything you’ll regret.
Media Relations
FSA's public relations team helps you garner media and influencer validation of your brand position. We develop research strategies and measures of success while integrating traditional and online media. We also teach you to turn your smart phone horizontally and not vertically when taking pictures. Yeah, you know who you are.
Social Media Strategy
Let’s face it, the world of social media is ever changing and it can seem confusing. We’re here to guide you through the murky waters of the Snapchats and Instagrams to a successful branding future. We’ll take care of everything from tweets to links to hashtags and more. Relax, your social media strategy is handled.
Be Relevant
We make sure people don’t forget about you.
We also maximize your impact with messaging that resonates with every constituent you serve! This category also includes services such as:
  • Promotions
  • Messaging
  • Positioning/Differentiation
  • Direct response campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Media relations and PR
  • Scripting, video production, and editing
  • Integrated online outreach
  • Newsletter and magazine development and publishing
  • Copywriting