At FSA, we offer a full suite of services that you can customize to support your association in the areas that matter. Running an association can be hard. You wouldn’t try to run a marathon without shoes would you? That’s where we come in. We’re the highly aerodynamic, extra support offering, custom-made only in Milan running shoe that offers you the help you need. Go ahead, start your marathon; we’ll be with you every step of the way. Contact Tony Butler, FSA President, at 502-574-9951.
The Right Connection For You
For more than 50 years, FSA has served associations ranging from clients with as few as 100 members to as many as 50,000.

FSA begins every association client relationship by first emphasizing partnership. This means we begin by offering the leadership recommendations that blend our best practices with customized strategies to meet an association’s very specific needs and goals. FSA understands that our primary purpose is to be a resource to your members and a relief to your leaders, many of whom are juggling multiple responsibilities. We understand life is busy; we’re here to help take the pressure off.
Hey, We’re Official
A member of the Meeting Professionals International
A member of the American Society of Association Executives
A member of many other national and international organizations
We've Got You Covered
FSA’s model of support is client-centric. Our departments work together to support you, the client, in your strategic efforts to grow the organization and provide the best, most efficient services possible. We offer a full suite of services integrated to support your association in key growth areas and our record of growing and developing associations speaks to our success. All of the cool services listed below identify the areas of support we can provide under a full management structure.
Strategic Leadership
Guiding long-term viability
Developing volunteer leaders
Co-creating strategic plans
Overseeing fiscal management
Member Services
Providing friendly and informative customer service
Recruiting and retaining members
Processing and managing member data
Guiding member programs and education
Event Services
Planning, promoting, and producing conferences and meetings
Managing events from concept to evaluation
Developing and promoting educational programming
Evaluating member and sponsor feedback
Site Selection
Developing RFPs
Distributing RFPs to a wide network of event venues
Summarizing responses of available venues
Negotiating contracts
Sponsorship and Advertising Sales
Prospecting for sponsors and advertisers
Developing affinity programs
Promoting e-commerce and webinars
Directing merchandising plans
Public Relations 
Developing advocacy platforms
Garnering, tracking, and reporting media exposure
Overseeing media relations and promotion
Developing and moderating social networking
Branding and Messaging
Developing and executing marketing strategies
Defining brand positioning, relevancy, and value
Developing message points
Creating and delivering measurable outreach
Web Services
Developing interactive, optimized websites
Managing web content
Providing full reporting and analytics
Directing search engine marketing efforts
Planning and oversight of editorial schedule
Scripting, video production, and editing
Developing content and copywriting
Coordinating content, layout and printing
Reporting and fulfillment
Design and Creative Services
Developing unique, memorable branding
Creating fresh organizational identity
Designing print and electronic materials
Designing web and social media presence
Finance and Operations
Providing full accounting services and reporting
Overseeing treasury management
Planning and managing all budgets and revenue analyses
Developing policies and procedures
Additional Services
Coordinating legal services
Managing benchmarking and quality assurance programs
Developing certification programs
Building alliances and cross-promotions
Need a Little Help?
Doing it all? Looking for support in a specific area? Customize your service to fit your needs.
Strategic Leadership
Member Services
Event Services
Site Selection
Sponsorship and Advertising Sales
Public Relations 
Branding and Messaging
Web Services
Design and Creative Services
Finance and Operations
If you’ve made it this far, you might like to stop reading and speak to an actual human being. The person you want is FSA President, Tony Butler. He’s the best and would be glad to fill you in on more information.